Carpe Diem Learning Design at Humak UAS, experieces

Carpe Diem Learning Design at Humak University of Applied Sciences (UAS)
This summary is written by Päivi Timonen and her personal experience of Carpe Diem, Humak UAS years 2015-2018.)

First step: Digital Youth Work cMOOCs 

Stage 1: survey of social online learning Distanssi, 2015 

Role of Ms. Päivi Timonen/ Humak UAS (senior lecturer and social media lecturer) project responsible: Year 2015 Distanssi survey which aimed to find out social and collaborative learning pedagogical design and online platform. Result: Gilly Salmon and Carpe Diem was found by Online Educa Berlin. I participated 3 to4 hour Carpe Diem workshop which was led by Mrs. Gilly Salmon. Platform survey for social online learning: Moodlerooms + Collaborate webinar tool was founded.  

Stage 2: Distanssi Digital Youth Work cMOOCs 2016-2017 

2015-2016-2017 Carpe Diem Learning Design is used on the project Distanssi, when we designed cMOOC of Digital Youth Work. These three different cMOOCs were each ca. 4-5 weeks and each size was/is 1 gredits (26-27 hours of learning for participants). 

We had small Carpe Diem workshop as CD guide instructed: two days. There were pedagogical participants from University of Applied Sciences Humak and Metropolia UAS, work life experts of project partners Verke and Koordinaatti. Testing: reality check – Humak UAS staff. Verke is national coordinator of Digital youth work and Koordinaatti is national coordinator of youth information and counselling work. 

We had really good and excellent experience of Carpe Diem model. Our aim was to create collaborative / constructive cMOOCs for small group of professionals, students etc. We estimated that there could be ca. 100 participants on each of the cMOOCs. There were 100-300 participants on one cMOOC in reality. 

 We created cMOOCs so that group of students were divided coaching groups of 13-17 participants in each group. And each coaching group has one coach who supports the learning process of her / his group. We had 4-6 coaches so some of coaches had more than one group to support. Distanssi project developed guidelines for coach support (work tasks) and assessment.  

cMOOC Digital Youth Work: Summary of the Participants 2016-2017 

·         Three different online courses 2016-2017 each 1 credits (26-27 hours learning): Total 11 courses
·         Signed participants: 1639
·         Participants who began courses: 1261
·         Participants who finished courses: 966 
·         Turnover rate (success): 77 %  

Students feedback of the cMOOCs

Sanna Ruhalahti, Markus Söderlund and Päivi Timonen wrote an article (published on 5th of April 2018) of the survey of Feedback of students of cMOOCs. We researched about the collaborative learning and about coach groups influence on learning:  

English abstract 

The aim of this article is to present a study examining the significance of collaborative learning of the cMOOCs (collaborative Massive Open Online Courses) and the factors affecting it. 

The key research questions concerned the significance of the coaching group and factors promoting collaborative learning in these open online implementations. The data for the study comprised the open answers of participants (n=324) who responded to a final survey of three different implementations. The responses were analysed using methods of inductive content analysis, using the ATLAS.ti program. 

Collaborative learning taking place in coaching groups based on the analysis of the material, brought forward new points of view, enabled the sharing of experiences and knowledge, and boosted peer experience. In the implementation of cMOOC, the active involvement of the participants, their commitment, and the time resources were seen as factors facilitating collaborative learning. Results from the study can be utilised in designing and implementing collaborative open online courses both in goals for degree studies, and in continuing education. 

Ruhalahti, S., Söderlund, M. & Timonen, P. (2018). Yhteisöllisen oppimisen opiskelijakokemuksia digitaalisen nuorisotyön cMOOCeissaHAMK Unlimited Scientific 5.4.2018.   

Second Step 2018: Humak UAS Community Education Curriculum, learning design  

Carpe Diem Workshop/ 2 days February 2018 where 6 different Modules of 30-40 credits and ca. 35 participated Carpe Diem workshop of 2 days. 

·         COMMUNITY AND PEDAGOGY 30 ECTS credits 
·         SOCIAL STUDIES 40 ECTS credits 
·         SPECIALIST PROFESSIONAL STUDIES/practical training 30 ECTS credits 

Carpe Diem Briefing webinar for staff, student, work life partners 2.2.2018 and materials (in Finnish):  

Carpe Diem Learning Design workshop at the Humak UAS: descriptions, information of workshop, forms etc. (in Finnish) 

Participants were Humak UAS pedagogical staff, work life specialist and students.  

There was a really good feedback of the learning design model. We even made a small video of the feelings during the second workshop day.  

We have not done yet any survey for the participants. It would be interesting to be part of the larger survey in case you are planning to create something around Carpe Diem.  

Third Step: One day of modified Carpe Diem for new curriculum learning design The Master Degree of Youth Work and NGO in March 2018  

We used adjusted parts of the Carpe Diem for one day of learning design. I was responsible for running the day. Participants were the responsible staff who as well teach the Master. The Master Program did a big future survey one year ago and the work life specialist and students were asked of the future content, skills etc. of future. We decided beforehand that this workshop participants are the staff of Humak. A small group of 6. 

The aim was to design the curriculum more digital and more online learning oriented. We wanted to have collaborative learning on mind. The Master studies are for 2 years. They meet monthly 2 days for F2F learning sessions. We designed three of the 2 days learning sessions to be digital and in the form of online webinar days.  

This is ongoing process and development.  

Päivi Timonen,  
Senior Lecturer, Online Learning Specialist / Humak UAS